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Interested in being a hair model?

I am currently seeking hair models (a model is anyone comfortable being filmed/photographed so yes that could be you) for the following upcoming projects:

  • Shag or Mullet hair model (ideally has medium to long hair with long or no layers)

  • Naturally grey + white hair model* for peekaboo vivid haircolor (currently has little to no previous haircolor)

  • Upstyle model (all hair types)

  • Radical Transformation hair model (making a major haircut change)

  • Mini Makeover hair model* (seeking a sustainable upgrade to your existing hair)

  • Visibility Cut hair model (seeking a queer and/or gender affirming haircut)

*includes a minimal product charge


Please submit your information below + I will be in touch if an upcoming project is a good fit for us!

Which hair model project are you interested in? (check all that apply)

Thanks for submitting!


"Do I pay for the service if I am a hair model?"
For all hair model projects EXCEPT those specified to include a minimal product charge are complimentary/free/gratis in exchange for your modeling.

"Will I know what you're going to do or is it a surprise?"
We will have a thorough consultation prior to scheduling a hair model session and I have no interest in giving you hair you don't want. If you'd like it to be a surprise after our consultation, we can certainly arrange for that!

"Can I be a hair model if I've never modeled before?"
Absolutely!  All that is required is you are comfortable being photographed and/or filmed, take basic directions and agree to your content being used on my social media, education offerings and website.

"What if I'm a professional model and normally get paid for this?"
Excellent!  I love to collaborate with local models and photographers on both TFP and paid projects.  Please reach out and let's get creative!

"How do I maintain my hair after I model?"
Fabulous question!  You are 100% responsible for maintaining whatever we do with your hair after our hair model session is over.  This could include prebooking a normally priced service with me, booking with another salon professional or figuring out a different plan on your own. I will share any and all information related to your hair to help you in that process.

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